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    Love it! Great storage. Gets lots of compliments.
    Exactly as advertised.
    Love this purse! Could be used for traveling as well. Great color and canvas.
    What can I say, it's the kind I like and at a good value. I don't spend a lot of time shopping for clothing so this was right on time. Flat Band, tagless, holds up well and does the job.
    comfortable and durable
    Very nice necklace!
    I was very surprised how nice this is for such s great price. Perfect size, and adjustable chain. Would definitely recommend!
    Did not dislike anything
    Love this purse! The leather is soft and real. Definitely worth the money!
    I had previously ordered 2 packs of small briefs last year. Sizing was perfect, quality was good. Ordered 2 more packs this year, and it was completely different experience. Material is significantly thinner and not in a good way, and they are considerably smaller after washing and drying than the ones I purchased last year. Uncomfortable, and they don't look like they're going to hold up either. I suppose I could bump up the size but that would still leave the quality issues. Will probably just try a different brand. Thumbs down, way down.
    Fit well.
    Dickie's pants and shorts have always been a bit off with their waist sizing compared to most brands of pants. If you get men's pants from Academy (Magellan Outdoors or Wranglers), then the Dickie's are about a size down. If you usually wear a 36 waist with other pants, then the Dickie's should be a 37-38 waist. I know it's hard to find an odd numbered second digit like 31, 33, 35, 37 but Dickie's are basically a size lower than average for waist.

    Solid pants otherwise. Definitely for work.
    It was time to give up on Hanes due to their cost cutting reducing the thickness of the material and (last straw) making their xdry socks so small they hurt my toes on an 8.5 size foot! The Burlington socks are thick, soft, and seem like the standard size for a 6-12 sock. Not sure why it is hard to find good socks at the stores.
    I had my visa debit cloned several months back and decided to carry a RFID blocking wallet. This is very slim and seems to hold up well.

    It also does actually block certain things. I was trying to use my transit pass but got a lovely read error before remembering my wallet blocks it. It does not block my badge for work, but this is something others have stated and does not surprise me.
    Omg. I love this bag so much. I get compliments constantly. Been using it for a few months now and its held up wonderfully. Would highly recommend.
    The bill is sewed off center , otherwise everything is OK , if you dont mind a crooked bill
    What a great t-shirt. It can be worn casual or dressy the material is wonderful not your typical t-shirt it's much better
    Great, small wallet. Card holders are very tight and kind of hard to get cards out sometimes. Also, don't put a hotel card in it as the magnet is strong enough to demagnetize them.
    Love the hat!
    Waist fit is fine, but they are cut a little more form fitting than I'm used to. I probably wouldn't get another set of these.
    Nice pattern
    I love this bag! I have had a few Vera Bradley bags over the years and liked them a lot, but this is my hands down favorite. The size is just right; big enough to hold what I need but more manageable than the regular size tote. The long staps make carrying it on my shoulder easy. This new pattern, Snow Lotus, is attractive but subtle and unlike some other patterns Ive seen, goes with clothing without clashing; I would also consider this a year round pattern. The fact that this is fabric means it is lighter to carry. Other design features I really like, as you can see from the photos below, are the six pockets that ring the inside; they make it so easy to store things so you are not constantly digging around or having to dump out the bag to find what you need. A new feature is a grommet in the small front zip pocket to feed the cord for your phone charger through (see below). The designers have thought of everything - this is the perfect bag for every day or travel.
    Very nice crossbody bag in Tommy Hilfiger style. Made with Polyvinyl that feels and looks very much like leather. Versatile, and it works for any season. My wife has worn it to the grocery store, and out for the evening. She especially liked that the strap is long enough to fit over a jacket
    These are poorly made tube socks, with terrycloth interior. The tops are not knitted, but rather folded in and hemmed! There was significant pilling before the first wash! I didn't know you could get socks this crappy. I kept 2 pair, just cuz, and threw away the other four. Junk.
    Very good quality.
    The shed so bad on your feet when you workout in them. Definitely not like my other drifit socks. Going to have to research further to find some new crew socks.
    These are just very cheap sunglasses with a gimmick I was really hoping for more! The only part wooden is the arms, the frames are cheap plastic as are the lenses. The lenses are also super loose. One of mine is so loose it makes the sunglasses almost useless - it falls out if I move my head too quickly.
    The fit
    They were marked as crew socks and the picture shows crew socks.....they are knee socks! Very disappointed!
    Material is really cheap/almost see through and it runs small. Im 57 130 lbs and I ordered a xl because I wanted it to be oversized, but its still not as large as I thought it would be. The material also ripped very easily & does not provide any warmth