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    I love this wallet. Plenty of room for charge cards. if I could change anything, it would be to make the open place for your checks to have a zipper to close it.. otherwise, I love it!!!
    Was surprised when recieved package in not the original box. And totally disappointed when have seen broken sunglasses inside. Straight from the box! I want to believe that something happened awhile delivery otherwise why do sell used and broken sunglasses like brand new??
    These socks fit great and have been holding up really well so far. I had bought a batch of the yellow toe socks and they wore through the heel incredibly quickly. These are comfortable, fit well, stay up, and have been durable so far. They are a great deal for the price.
    I bought this since my last wallet was 2 years old and pretty worn out, the time came for me to get a new wallet and I had been eyeing my eye on a Bellroy wallet for over a year. So after saving some money's I was able to buy it and man I love it. It had really brought down the number of useless things I carry on my wallet. It is slick and feels great. I'll update this review in a couple of months and let you guys know for those interesting how it handles over time.
    Very comfortable.
    The jeans fit like I expected but I was disappointed to find that Levis did away with 2 belt loops. I've always been a Levis fan but I have never been a fan of cutting corners. Next time I will look at other brands.
    Looks good
    I'm size 42 and these fit perfect, no problems. They've held up to multiple washes and I can fold them Marie Kondo style.
    Super slim profile. I thought there was no way that I could get around without my old Costanza setup, but I love how unobtrusive this is.
    The size seems to be right, but there isn't a lot of give in the waistband. I tried some Fruit OTL and the elastic is much weaker than the Gildan's. And so it leave a "ring" around you when you take them off. Also, one seemed to have developed a hole by a seam where a stitch seems to have a flaw. Not great quality.
    I love this wallet. It's not too big/bulky but still room for all my cards and crap. I can even fit a burts bees by the zipper pocket and still close it. I don't carry my phone in it (I have a case and pop socket on it, so no room), but love the wristlet and other features!
    Nephew's liked it
    Love this. It is like a Swiss Army Knife but with Keys! It did take me a few minutes to figure out how to set up but it did help organize my 7 keys + Car For into one compact area.
    I like how they feel like they could be expensive sunglasses, but they aren't! I have two pair of them now.
    Will purchase again without a doubt
    A comfortable step up from boxers when wearing these shorts
    I love this bag. I fit all the necessary & its small.
    This is not the same sock!! I ordered these because I loved the ones I had before these are not the sock pictured in the picture!!!
    Perfect size and pretty
    Very nice necklace. I love it.
    Wife loves it. Writing a little small
    Love this bag! I'd purchased a similar one (in a store) for myself that was confiscated by one of my daughters... so I needed a new one. This was even nicer than the first! The rattan was tightly woven in a great natural color, beautifully lined with a pretty floral-on-black print, the leather straps were a rich medium shade of brown, the snap is secure without being too tight. It was packed in a nice dust cover zip-bag. Felt like a designer bag at frugal price! Winner, winner!
    I am over 6' and I weigh about 260. I first tried the large after reading some reviews. It fit but was too short. I went with the XL. It fit much better but didn't offer the same support. Customer service was great though. Highly recommend trying it out to see if it works for you.
    Perfect watch for my granddaughter. It was sturdy, arrived on time. She loves it!
    A bit smaller than I pictured it - I can only fit my wallet, glasses case, and small odds and ends inside. I bought this bag because I always stuff my large bags with random crap until they overflow, and I decided it was time to downsize. This has definitely done its job and I get compliments on it all the time.
    It fit perfectly but it also felt very cheap and the fabric on top of the cap was very loose as well as the little ball at the top where the tassle goes.
    Have to wear high vis at work.....these are really good.....kinda heavy but good quality
    Love that theres a lot
    Love these boxer briefs! very comfy. need to get more pairs and colors.ère-Picante-7x18x24