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  • personalised mobile phone cases

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    Great fit and look.
    Bought 3 hats, one of them came broken.

    Be carefull.
    LOVE IT!! Chala is great brand! Their bags and purses are made really well!
    I didn't expect it....
    To be as nice as it was in style and look.
    The design from top to bottom are magnificent.
    Don't hesitate to buy!
    So the color is good (I got the green), size is good, purse straps good length... the reason for the 2 stars you ask? It smells. Like really bad smells. My kid thought we had a gas leak because it literally stunk up the entire downstairs of my home... and yes, it's a BIG house. I should be able to use it immediately. I will NOT change my star rating until the smell goes away. Right now its hanging outside and I'm hoping this process doesnt take long.... UPDATE: as promised, I'm amending my review to reflect that after about 15 emails back and forth, a few days of the bag hanging outside, a few more days of it sealed in a tote with multiple boxes of baking soda, the company decided to send another bag AFTER repeatedly being told all that I was doing in the attempt to get the bag to stop smelling so chemical like and just God awful. So if you don't mind the endless emails explaining how unhappy you are with your purchase and smelly purses you dont really want to use are your thing... order away! You too can get a replacement bag after days of frustration! Also, on a side note... I too received a bag that has a different color lining than the color I chose... which is odd because the first bag I received had a green liner. I guess to get the smell out, they had to do away with the green lining...
    runs a bit small bui cant beat the price
    I bought this purse thinking it wouldnt last very long, but I was extremely wrong. I was a little concerned about the strap holding up, so I bought a guitar strap to replace it waiting for the original strap to break, but it never broke. Very pleasantly surprised. It took a bit to break in, but after about a month its perfect.
    The robe is very soft, looks nice, and seems to be well made (I haven't given it as a Christmas present so I don't know the exact quality yet. I am well satisfied so far.
    The size that I ordered was the perfect length for me. Its a nice looking piece of jewelry. Has an expensive look to it. It feels durable and not likely to break. Very satisfied!
    I love these boxers but wish the brand would have used colored thread to match instead of white on the hem. It looks cheap.
    daughter needed something to start wearing regularly for growing up. these cami style bras are the right type of style for her. i like that they come in a multi pack, and multi color.
    This guitar is great for beginners!! My 5 year old loves it! It's held up well and sounds great, my husband does have to re tune it pretty often but that could also be because there are little hands around all the time that like to play with it. It's a beautiful piece to look at to. Def worth the price!!
    I lost one of the earrings during the second time of wearing them. The clasp was not tight at all. I wasted my $$ on these!
    It was a little bigger than I thought. I would like to return. Please advise.
    It feels very comfortable. I have up all socks I have for these!!
    Got in July. Loved it. Change purse broke in August just past the time I could return it. No good.
    Very soft and comfortable.
    Husband needed new work belt. He is satisfied with. It. Not has heavy duty as it states but works for him. If you plan on hanging items from belt I do not recommend this belt
    Best diabetic socks I've tried yet.
    Great work pants. Durable and thick fabric.
    Fits well
    This backpack/pocketbook is made of very durable material. The zipper compartment is closest
    to your body with a anti theft material blocking your documents;
    It's like "I got your back" thing. Peace of mind, knowing my documents are safe .
    I'm so glad I ordered this for my upcoming trip. Highly recommended.
    Well made, straps are adjustable, love the middle pocket for cards, color is beautiful. Happy with this purchase
    Needed a wallet without all the add ons. This is it. Carry a couple of credit cards and cash with id that all you need.
    Comfortable, love these shirts. Can wear for any occasion....well kinds. Arrived in a timely manner.
    Easy to size. Love the ratcheting feature. Quality craftsmanship.
    I love it
    Fit is true to size. Great t-shirts for the money