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    This wallet is a good option for someone who wants a slim small wallet, very comfortable with up to 4 cards in it.
    works for me
    This is a Delicin statement ring with rhodium plating and cubic zirconias. I ordered this in a size 7 and it fit perfectly. On a ring measuring tool the middle of the wide band sits exactly on 7 with the top at about 7 . (Let me know if you find this or my photos helpful.)

    I liked that this ring has a lot of dimension to it and looks interesting from all angles. Its nicely plated with rhodium and appears thick. It has an overall bold design covering a lot of area on the finger. It doesnt get in the way of flexing my fingers like some other large rings Ive had in the past. The stones have a nice shine and sparkles in the light but in a side by side comparison it doesnt shine as much as a high quality diamond. Its still nice enough to make others think its real.
    The quality and fit of the hat was just perfect however the color was a bit off and it didnt look quite right for vacation. We did return it however it was nothing to do with the quality of the product. Also, Amazon did a phenomenal job of packing it in a big enough box so it didnt get crushed so have no fear!
    These are best socks I have ever owned.
    What a great little bag at an amazing price! It is roomy without being oversized, is well made, has convenient inside pockets, and I love the purple. Plan to buy it in other colors both for myself and as gifts.
    Nice fit and is very good quality.
    I like them but eventually they will fall apart, well worth the money.
    These socks are very comfortable. They are soft and wick moisture away. Liked them so much, I bought two more packs
    It was a gift
    Although they fit and look fine, the pin in the right front clip keeps working itself out. The pin completely popped out and the clip has fallen apart several times, as recently as yesterday.
    Fortunately I found it each time (so far) and reassembled it.
    Also, the clamps (fasteners) were very hard to open at first but have loosened up a bit after use. I have spent similar dollars for MUCH better quality suspenders.
    The most redeeming quality of this product is that the clips and adjusting rings are not metal. This does eliminate having to remove the suspenders before entering the airport security checkpoint.
    Update 5-9-16. Finally lost the pin for good yesterday. I'm using a black flex tie to insert into the space to hold the lever on the clip. Unfortunately the flex tie is a smaller diameter than the metal rod so the clip cannot grab as tightly as before so it keeps slipping off my pants.
    Every time I put these shirts on I have to stretch them out so they don't cling to my body. Other brand XL fit fine - no stretching required.
    The material has a dense feeling to it.....not flimsy. So in terms of quality, these seem very well made.
    So far so good she has had them in almost a week no redness and they was easy to get in her ear my baby is currently 7 months old (5-31-18) they are a great pair of earrings for a baby ..I added pics of the front and back
    Happy with these! Gorgeous and affordable for my bridesmaids
    Fits my daughter perfect
    Feels absolutely the same as the less expensive, "non" wool BUFFs, but somehow I still trust that it is distinct and I'm not getting ripped off :) I do wish it was a bit more snug to the neck. I use this motorcycling (50-60 degree weather, nothing lower) and is very packable and looks decently feminine with my leather jacket!
    This seriously is already falling apart, one of the sides Wasnt stitched in good enough and its already coming off. I cant even use my strap hooks anymore because of it.
    Its also falling in and not sitting up like it used to.
    I DO NOT recommend.
    I havent had this even for a month.
    Too tight around throat and face. Not using
    disappointed in the color. more of a mustard than a yellow.
    After having owned many pairs of 569s I didn't think twice about ordering - big mistake. They really aren't loose, they are slightly short and they are made of nasty stretchy material that doesn't even feel like denim. They feel really cheap and are uncomfortable to wear. Until I actually read that Levi's are using traditional denim again, these will be my last pair.

    ** Update - I measured these jeans alongside an older "real denim" pair of 569s and found them to be 2 inches shorter. This has happened over a relatively small number of wash cycles. Even though these were purchased over 6 months ago, Amazon is processing a return. I encourage everyone else who is dissatisfied to return theirs. Hopefully Amazon will return them to Levi's and they will get the message!
    Very Satisfied
    Super cute little purse, well made.
    Thank you
    gift people like fit as expected - would like rain to hear if up to hype !
    Bought these socks for a friend. I'm happy because they don't have holes in them. He says they fit well and keep his feet comfortable.
    I was very pleased with both the hankies and the prompt delivery.