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    Bought these for my son to use in PE class. He was worried theyd be see-thru but they are not. They shrunk a little bit, but they still fit well. Nice heavy cotton.
    bought it for my girlfriend she wasn't happy. the diamonds are falling out and the silver is turning black
    These are what I like. They come all the way up to my knees and stay up so far. The hanes I had been buying at Walmart the last several years just barely came over my calf and were bad about sliding down.
    Excellent quality. Ran Ban with engineering upgrade.
    The mistake of size is mine. The product is a great one
    They look so nice!
    it is terrible and you have to use a screw drive to use it---threw it in the trash
    I have this as a gift. It has good quality fabric and fits nice according to my daughter. However, I gave it 4 stars because we ordered navy blue and it is clearly gray.
    The liner inside the purse is a lot longer than the purse is high, so the liner in the two main compartments gets caught in the zipper when closing which in turn is destroying the zipper. I will have to revamp it making the liner a little shorter so that it does not get caught in the zippers when closing. However I do like all the compartments that the purse has.
    Fit is perfect.
    Fits perfectly
    i got this to replace my older magpul wallet. nice slim profile.
    I use these as an undershirt for work because you can never find my size at the Walmart or other stores like it. I use a 3xt and it fits perfectly, and the length is proper too. You can bend over without worrying about plumber's crack lol but seriously, the quality of these shirts are just awesome, just wish they sell a 6 pack.
    I got these for my boyfriend who has a sweaty butt very frequently. He says he loves these more than all his other cotton underwears. He likes how the band doesnt make a red mark on his waist, and how smooth everything feels.
    Good value, and the collars do tend to stay flat much longer than other undershirts. Hold up well in the washer.
    Perfect fit. Great quality material.
    Great sunglasses..perfect for everyday fashion. Sure will buy more in the future. Recommended product and good quality.
    Very cute gift for my mom.
    The only reason for 4 stars is it needs a zipper
    Perfect size for a small child
    Another reassuring review and some things I noticed about the particular pair I bought. I got the grey/black iridium. I registered them on the Oakley site with no issues. (proof they're authentic), My sunglasses we're technically called Grey Ink frames, which is Oakley's line of transparent frames. I do not like these frames, and actually returned them, because you can see reflections in the frames and I constantly was turning my head thinking there's something moving next to me. Also, non polarized was just not good enough glare protection for the Florida sun. Don't get me wrong, these lenses are fantastic, but I wouldn't recommend non polarized for extreme light.

    Another reviewer stated that if you get these sunglasses directly from Amazon, they are almost certainly authentic because of Oakley and Amazon policy. One reviewer mentioned that he couldn't register his pair, which made me think of this: I registered my pair and then returned them. So if someone buys my returned sunglasses, will they be able to register them? Just a thought. either way, you can always send them back if you're not happy.

    I give them 5 stars because I love the look and feel of these sunglasses, I just didn't like the particular style I purchased. Consider who you're buying from and whether you need polarized or not.
    As a bigger guy belts that fit well are hard to find. I was also very skeptical about the way this belt latches. I have to say the system works great! The belt fits well and is very adjustable. It is a very stiff belt but time should fix that issue. The quality is great and the packaging was very good.
    Way too small. I will have to return.
    the chain is a little cheap but i love the crystal
    Fits great. Perfect length.
    Button fly is the last thing we were expecting.. not expecting such a snug fit either..
    Loved all of the fit and color.
    Great more than what i was expected. Plan on ordering another
    I normally wear a size small, but am close to a size medium. I ordered these scrubs in small. The pants are flat and tight on my behind and front but the top is huge. Luckily the huge top hides the terrible pants, but the size difference doesn't make sense.
    Nice fit