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    Cute hat but a little on the small side.
    I wear under shirts everyday and absolutely love these! I have tried Haynes, Calvin Klein's and even the Costco ones but find these to have the best mix of softness, thickness (or thin-ness) and length. These definitely stay tucked in and fit just close enough to not feel confined, yet not to bulky to feel like you have too many layers on. I previously purchased the more expensive CK's thinking that the old adage of "you get what you pay for" applied but found them to be unevenly cut at the bottom or poorly sewn around the arms or neck. Bottom line, if you wear undershirts a lot and you don't want to waste your money, just get these and move on with life! Hope this helps
    Very breathable, non binding and overall comfortable to wear all day without any restrictions. I wear a size 31 waist and the size medium fit me perfect. I thought the band around the waist was going to be too big but the band ended up being very comfortable and non binding (does not leave any marks around your waist). The rest of the material feels comfortable against your skin, very breathable with a snug enough fit that allows you to move without any restrictions or chaffing. I would definitely buy them again.
    I got my first comfy for Christmas. I always sit at home with blankets on so my mom thought it would be a great gift for me. Since I have had it, my 2 teenage boys (16,18) were constantly having it on. I bought both boys their own. they sleep in it, they went out on a late night run into town in them, their friends when they come over put them on and so on. My recent adventure in mine was I used it to watch my Senior in high school play his first baseball game. It was cold out. In the 30's. This kept my upper body very warm and comfy. If this was maybe 3 to 4 feet longer it would have even been better. I got lots of compliments. So while everyone was wearing their blankets wrapped around I was wearing mine with lots less hassle. I have bought 5 additional since I bought one and intend to buy more as gifts..I love my Comfy
    These boxers are perfect and fit perfectly for me.
    Liked the black leather. Strap too narrow. Likely to hurt shoulders. Opening too narrow. Can5 even get hand inside. Am returning it.
    Like the fit in the waist but the butt and around the legs are too baggy
    Excellent socks. I love them!
    So well made....and even with all the slots filled the wallet was not heavy and closed with enough room to not cause tension on the zipper
    I am only giving it a three-star because partly my fault, I didn't notice that these were not jumbo straps and I don't like the narrowness of these straps I don't even use them ,I'll have to order another pair of jumbo
    Great hoodie, a touch tight on neck, but great heavy weight hoodie
    Fit was a little big, thought the quality would be better for the price, almost sent it back.
    I love this belt. I appreciate a snug fit, but I hate the discomfort while sitting at my desk and especially at meals. With just a flick of the tab, I can loosen my pants and then tighten them back up when I stand. The belt is good quality and stylish. Also, it was super easy to cut to my size. One snip and done.
    Beautiful color and functionality. Very well made!
    They sit comfortablely on my face. And they keep the sun out of my eyes to make the driving become more easily.
    Very good quality material and looks good, only issue for me is the length of the sleeve which appears to be slightly longer, i bought size 'Large'.
    My daughter loved it!
    It works as advertised
    It came perfectly
    Really cute and spacious but smelled terrible. Like cheap chemicals.
    I did what most people do when they get clothing - try it on to make sure it fits and then toss it in the laundry before wearing it. These were in with my normal clothes, simple, not bulky stuff, and they came out frayed with strings all over on one side. Im assuming I cant return them since theyre washed but thats pretty bad considering itll only get worse next wash. Never buying these again.
    I may be in love with this wallet. Just received it this morning, and am finding excuses to take out my wallet. It's also great to be able to put my wallet in my front pocket. So far, so good!
    As someone with very particular feet, I love these socks. There are thin and breathable while remaining soft. When purchased I was concerned about the rubber on the heal, have worn them for over a month With no irrational or rubbing. Would buy again.
    This product is very convenient as I prefer keeping a smaller wallet in my front pocket. The quality is also very well made.
    You can actually pitch a tent with these boxers
    I really like the brown one that my wife bought me, so I got a black one. Unfortunately the color is not the only difference. It sees thicker and doesn't slide in and out as nicely as the brown one. Very disappointed. Poor quality control.
    Use these mostly as my undershirts. 5'9" male, 170lbs, about 35" waist and 16" neck. I got a medium. They fit perfectly for me. Feel comfortable, wash well. Nice, plain white Tee. AND NO %$#@*%! TAGS!
    Would recommend to a friend to buy, and I would buy again.
    Great shirts