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    I got these earings for my third hole in my ear. They look cute and perfect sizes
    Love it
    My husband loved these, lightweight and great quality!
    As advertised.
    runs small, its an ok quality, not good not bad.
    They are perfect for under my spouse's scrubs. The price is well too. It is a great overall buy.
    Get it
    Very cute. Just the right size. Big enough to be seen, but not so big that I can't brush my hair :-)
    Hat fits perfect
    I don't write many reviews, but I'm offering this one from a very specific perspective. I have an AMX inflatable penile implant. As such i am never totally flaccid in the usual understanding, and I have an additional player in the sack with the boys. I have never liked traditional boxers, and after the implant, the lack of support would have put my junk, additions and all, down one leg, or gasp!, under me. Briefs/boxer briefs were my go to for the past several years. However, all the "sticky", "smashed" comments typical of that style are exponential for me as an implant guy. Pulling the man parts up regularly to be comfortable, moving wrong (like sitting) and having a (soft) testicle squeezed against a (hard!) pump, were part of everyday life. Enter Separatec, and their dual pouch--what a game changer! The lower pouch supports the scrotum up and away from the body and thighs, while allowing the boys to move naturally. The front pouch is accessed through a right-sized hole, allowing the penis to ride forward and down. I usually run just slightly inflated for comfort, and the pouches keep everything front and center. This does admittedly provide for an enhanced appearance in pants.

    I've worn both the bamboo rayon and the cotton blend. While both give great support, the cotton blend is a little bit firmer and holds the penis towards the body more. According to the size chart, I should be wearing XL, but I am very comfortable wearing size L.

    Responding to some of the negative comments, 1) it takes just a little bit of practice to see how the pouch for the scrotum works. The trick is, after you have the boys in position, fit the pouch around and back from the outside. Probably not the best description, but it's the best I can do without a demonstration. 2) I have worn these through a number of activities and have not had my penis fall out of the hole. Just be sure that after getting things in place, to pull the inside panel up close to the pelvis, that should help.

    Jockey pouch briefs are cycling out of the underwear drawer, and additional purchases of Separatec are coming soon.
    It's pretty much a small purse inside of larger one. The large one doesn't have any compartments except for the one on the outside. I mainly wear the small purse.
    I bought this pair to replace an older pair I had. The new pair is good but for some reason they feel a little flimsier than my old pair.
    I wore them for two half-days at work, the majority of which I was sitting down. One clip broke the second day and I didn't notice. A piece of the clip must have fallen down my pant leg and dropped out at some point, so now I cannot try to repair the clip.
    I wore them loosely, so it wasn't from tension on the clip. As stated, I was sitting most of the time, so it wasn't from motion stress either. I also only used them for the dress shirt, not over dress shirt and undershirt, so it wasn't from stress on the hinges of the clip. Just VERY cheap clips.
    On the upside, it really does keep your shirt tucked and is pretty comfortable/unnoticeable throughout the day -- all two of them.
    Excellent quality. Perfect fit. Decent price. Most stores only carry one or two colors of 569's. Glad to find a good variety of colors.
    Good quality medium weight sweat sock. This was my 2nd purchase and I'm still a happy customer.
    very good
    I never knew how comfortable earings could be. I've been having a lot of trouble with infections even with real gold. Metals were hard on my ears. These are AWESOME!!!! I LOVE THEM!!
    I liked this pair so much I ordered another pair.
    Very nice shorts.
    very good
    Great look. Awesome Color. Good fit
    My actual waist measured a 32 using a textile measure tape. The 30 (smallest size) in these was a little too loose in the waist, although it seems to fit better now after a couple washings.
    Nice thick socks
    Perfect quality. Only complaint is its peeling under the arm pit and arm.
    good shirts for the money ! very happy
    No comment
    Not sure if I will keep this bag. Though nice the zipper does not run smooth. And the lining is so cheap and light colored, that it will get dirty pretty quickly. Zipper is also a little sticky.
    I've been looking for the perfect slim small wallet for years! Ever since my dog chewed up my coach biz card holder that I used as a wallet. It's really hard to find something this small, yet holds what I need and is organized. I LOVE- this wallet!! And it comes in so many colors. It's the perfect size for my small womens pockets for those quick trips to the store. It's made of really nice grade leather, feels smooth, and holds all my essentials easily and effortlessly. Thank you for making the perfect small unisex wallet.