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Due to the impacts of COVID-19, production and delivery times have been extended and may take longer than estimated. custom design iphone case
Free Shipping Over $100 With Code 100FREESHIP
Due to the impacts of COVID-19, production and delivery times have been extended and may take longer than estimated. More >>
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    My order was delivered three days after order as promised. The glasses were in fact real Ray-Ban brand glasses and not fake knock offs. These are the 56 mm size eye piece frames. I wish they made these in smaller size but these are fine. Great purchase. I hope to get many years use out if these.
    Great fit! Very happy with the color, size and fit!
    I just received them and, so far, everything is what I expected. Before I wore them they were washed and did not shrink. It will take some time to determine how well they hold up.
    had on 1 time and washed 1 time 1st pear has hole in side by ankle bone .
    It's a little thinner than I had imagined. I'll update later as to whether or not it helps or not :D
    Love it
    Nice pair of shorts for the price. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the both the material and the workmanship. I will be buying more but will try the 10" next time.
    Perfect size. Good lather quality. Convenient.
    These look nice out of the package but are extremely rough fabric for being 97% cotton and 3% spandex. After the initial cold water washing they are still the same texture. The instructions said to not use fabric softener so I did not.
    Hanes has been a trusted brand in the past but something went wrong with these.
    Fit to sizes
    Durable. Holds all cards
    Perfect for what I wanted for but took the cord off due to personal taste
    I bought a pack just to try them out and they fits great. I didnt have any problems its been about 2 months and the shirts are just fine for what i paid for. I used them for sleepwear and i don't see any problems with them. One of the most common problems Ive read in the comments about the shirts is that the pocket falls out I've yet to see this happen on my shirts. The shirts worked so great for what i needed that i bought 2 more packs for my self and 2 for my brother. One possibility for an issues would be the colors cause you cannot pick out what colors you get, but personally for what I'm using them i don't have a problem with that.
    Easy to connect to Fitbit and feels great on wrist.
    These compression socks did not fit across the toes. Also no longer stay pulled up after a few wash cycles.
    I love this bag, nice and roomy!
    I bought this for my husband and following is his review:
    I used these for few years now, and feel that they are very good quality boxer briefs. Few years ago I had a batch which seems to loose their elasticity after drying in the dryer. But funny thing is that not every pair will do so even they are washed and dried together. This new batch so far does not have the problem with the dryer heat. The dryer is Bosch dryer and I set it at auto "very dry with cotton," and I don't feel it get very hot anyway. They do seem to be a little tight after wash and dry each time but will loose up a little once you put it on for few minutes. It is little strange that they do that but I don't have problem with it. I am planning to buy it again so I looked up my old purchasing records and giving this review. Anyway, I am very happy with them and hope the quality remained the same with my next purchase.
    This wallet is absolutely beautiful!!!! The leather is soft, the color is rich (Chelsea Army Green) and I am just in love. I ALMOST feel bad that I did not pay more(I ordered mine during a lightning deal). ;-) I have had my eye on this for a while, I saw someone else with one and instantly wanted one for myself. I love the numerous card slots, now instead of having everything jammed in, it is neat and orderly. Unfortunately it does not hold my S8 with my case on, but that it not a deal breaker for me. The case on my phone is more important than the fit in the wallet. Another thing that I loved is the packaging. Nice box that I can use for storage when the wallet is not in use and wrapped in tissue paper and put into a sturdy plastic zip bag for shipping. It arrived exactly on time and in perfect condition! Buy will feel like you got a special treat, the value is outstanding!
    Came just as pictured. I bought for my mother in law. I made the joke, 'oh shoot, that was supposed to go into the fridge!' as she opened it. The look on her face was priceless. Once she realized the joke, she was all laughs. Then she send a pic just days later wearing them.
    I bought this for my husband because he needed something bright to wear when walking our dog at night. This is definitely bright, it's almost painful to look at! It fits him perfectly, is a nice length and the sleeves are nice and long. He's tall, 6'2" and has a hard time finding shirts that actually have enough length in the arms to reach his wrists. I haven't washed it yet, but I'm hoping it holds up well in the washer and dryer.
    I am a woman buying men's sweatpants for indoor winter weather; I expected them to be big. I like them comfy. I like the value of buying men's sweats--women's cost more and aren't made as well. These even have pockets. Women who have worn their boyfriend's sweats know for a fact that men's are made better and less expensively.
    great product loved them
    This is a great balaclava. It is lightweight and protect entirely the neck. It keeps very warm and insulated. A great product for a great price!!!!
    Great shirt! Great price!
    good hat.
    I have foot problems that require me to go to the podiatrist. He recommended these socks. In fact, he told me that these are the only socks that he wears. So I have bought several pair. They fit well, have the right amount of cushioning, and feel great to wear. I just wish they weren't so expensive. But even so I will keep buying them because I only have two feet and I have to take good care of them.
    Exactly what I needed to keep my many readers in one place.