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    Like the quality
    A perfect fit! These socks are super absorbant, they'd have to be if my foot felt dry after a long Jog and Walk. It's one of the reasons I opted to buy them - to check the absorbancy and it's the best I've found on a pair socks. They also have a great cushioned feel and totally made the difference by lessoning my exhaustion at the end of strenuous activity.
    too short, more like ankle socks
    Comfortable but I wore these 4/5 times and the bottoms already have holes.
    So far these are great!! Not too bulky..We got these for baseball (they have to play during the coldest part of the year) and they fit nicely under a baseball cap. A lot cheaper than the brand names and looks just as good!!
    Almost perfect. They could provide a little more elastic support. I have run up to 30 miles in them with no fabric chafing to speak of.
    I purchased this hat for my husband's birthday in April. I saw him wear it twice and then no longer saw the hat. Didn't think to much about it until in conversation just recently, my husband told me that the clasp broke. It actually broke within two weeks of purchase. Not knowing at the time that it was not useable, I put the hat away and the saying "out of sight, out of mind", is true. I looked at the clasp this week and I would have to cut the loop to replace the clasp and then try to sew it back in so that it would stay secure. Looks like a lot of trouble with poor results to me. It is of course to late to return it, so we are stuck with an unusable hat that I feel I paid a decent price for. Other than the clasp, the hat is decent. It does run small. I got the royal blue and the color is true. I just wish that my husband could wear it. It's a nice hat if you overlook the clasp.
    It's difficult to find tapered-fitting sweatpants as a 6', 150 lb male. These were exactly what I was looking for! Not too thick, very comfortable, and fit wonderfully around the ankles. Highly recommend.
    Great clarity and good coverage for water sports but the blueing mirror tends to flake with time. Was great for 3-4 months of heavy use.
    I like it the fact that is a nice size.
    I have come to the conclusion that Baggallini bags are not for me. Pockets and compartments are an important component of any handbag, but the designers of these bags often do not know when to stop. Having too many places to put things creates its own organizational problem.
    Also, heads up - I expected it to be navy but it is a bright blue.
    Buff always makes great prodcuts - they cost a little more but they are worth it. I have the sport fiber bands for summer and this one is great for a cold winter day
    I was not expecting such high quality. You really never know when you order online what you're going to get. This belt is amazing. It comes wrapped in a plastic sheath. I removed that since it's a gift. My teenage son's waist is in between sizes and this belt is adjustable. It comes with instructions. I'm very happy with this purchase.
    My dad loves this hat, very well made! I bought one for my brother too!
    Love this purse, it's beautiful and made well. Doesn't hold a lot, but I personally like the size.
    Great value for the price
    Good quality with adjustable strap
    bought this for my husband. he prefers the pullover hoodie. this is good quailty, a bit heavier than the one he had but he will be fine with that. he wears a medium, but i bought a large because he wears over other clothes. the large is really big. its a Christmas present so will not know how big until then, but i have a feeling i will be exchanging for another size. order true to size
    This rose necklace is simple yet so cute. Ive always loved roses every sense I was young because my grandma always grew the most beautiful roses I have ever seen and she also loved roses. Its been 3 years sense my grandma has been dancing in heaven so when I came across this necklace I just had to have it so I can keep it close to represent my grandma. Its a nice size and has a little weight to it I just absolutely adore it.
    Run small I ordered a size larger than I usually wear and still the fit was closer than I like for a night shirt. I do like the lightness of the material.
    Great more blisters between my toes!!!!!!!!!!!
    These be!ts are initially hard to buckle but adjust with use and are excellent belts. I use mine while hiking.
    Husband loves them! Got XXL even tho he wears XL so the shrunk just a bit in the wash.
    Straight out of the package, these fit fine. After a couple of washes, they no longer stay tucked because they are so short. They also seemed to yellow and get bacon-collar pretty quickly compared to Hanes. I ended up getting rid of them after 6 months and replacing them with Hanes that always fit great. The one plus side to these Amazon shirts is the shorter length sleeves...they don't poke out when wearing them under another T-shirt like my Hanes tend to do.
    Like most joggers ... not for tall people.
    Well made. Nice fabric
    Wow, wish I had read the recent reviews on the much-shorter rise of these jeans. At first I thought it was just me, but comparing two separate new pair to two pre-2010 pair confirmed these are now hip huggers :-) Will start looking for my new brand of jeans tomorrow after wearing 505s for the last 25 years. I am surprised these still have anything near 4-stars for the majority of buyers.
    Very disappointed in this bag. I thought for the very awesome low price it may be worth a shot but the color I received was nothing like I was expecting! I received an awful bronze color. It isn't worth sending back as the company isn't offering to pay for return shipping or exchange.. So I'll have to find the right person to gift it to
    Bought it for my girlfriend for Valentine's day she abosulty loves it and she gets lots of compliments on it so I'm happy
    The best thing about it is it remains relatively thin even after filling it with ID, credit cards, cash, etc. I tried three other wallets, including a $175 Coach wallet, which was so thick I nearly fell off my chair, before deciding to keep this one.éminine-Confortable-décalque-Pantalon