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Free Shipping Over $100 With Code 100FREESHIP
Due to the impacts of COVID-19, production and delivery times have been extended and may take longer than estimated. More >>
  • large dog carrier purse

    As a team of inspired designers, we realize that creating art is just the beginning. Our designs are the reflection of life and one way of sharing our soul with the world is by putting these creative and meaningful ideas into physical forms, which you can see, wear and use. That is how Unifury is started. Our mission is to convey life into design and vice versa.

    large dog carrier purse

    We deliver print-on-demand products that are close to your daily life and would love to bring more gift choices for your loved ones. Our products are coffee mugs, wall art, blankets, clothing, which are expanding further with meticulous designs to every detail.

    large dog carrier purse


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    absolutely beautiful! the wife loves wearing this.
    Girlfriend loved it!
    Verly cheaply made
    Comfortable and should last.
    Nicely made and priced right. Feels good.
    I only gave 2 stars because they simply didn't work. If I placed them high enough in my ear where it's most thin, they grabbed enough to stay, but even there, I was afraid one little brush and they'd fall off. And on my lobes? No way. I don't have particularly thick lobes, and these wouldn't stick at all. It was worth a try, and they were really nice - I was disappointed they didn't work for me. Maybe they would for a child or someone with thinner ears.
    I didn't get the balling that other people were able to produce but my skin was noticeably smoother immediately after the process! I plan on making this part of my weekly ritual and replacing the sugar scrubs I was using before.

    I don't like the smell of it after it dries, but that's probably because of the material.
    Love my shirt, get compliments all the time, and really fast shipping
    Product is super cute and just like picture!
    Very nice t- shirt. Very durable!
    Really good value in fit comfort, quality of product and price. I definitely will by another pair of these work pants.
    Ive been wearing these undershirts for years and have enjoyed the collar fit and softness. After reordering, Ive discovered they now include seams down the sides that were previously not there. They are uncomfortable, distracting, itchy, and a massive downgrade from the previous products. How are you going to get rid of collar tags in the spirit of comfort, and then add massive, full length seams?!

    Additionally, the collars have gotten a little wider. Not to the point it bothers me, but guys who like snug, tight collars may see it as a negative.

    I dont know why something so basic cant be left alone but I guess Ill be looking elsewhere next time - the last thing you should be noticing all day is an undershirt, but these annoy me all day.
    They are great thank you
    My husband likes them. They fit as expected and the material is lightweight and soft.
    I really liked this bag at first. It was delivered July 30th and buy September 1st it had ripped.
    It is a pretty good overall.
    I wanted a wallet with a pouch to hold my new phone, it fits in the pouch but the phone is about a 1/2" to tall so I can't snap it closed. It has plenty of card slots, most of them are too deep and you can't see them or you have to dig it out.
    Good quality. Bought it as a Christmas gift, plan to order more hats like this in the future.
    Great hat the Children love them!
    Super good
    Its awesome specs.
    Love the size and look, however, had purse less than a month and the seem of the lining is already coming apart.
    My husband has super sensitive skin and CHRONIC jock itch. These are the only boxers that don't give him swamp balls. We have noticed that some detergents cause them to be less effective (Tide, ALL, etc) so we Ecos detergent (I'm sure other unscented non-petroleum detergents would work).
    this purse is super cute! i really love it. its bigger than i thought and you can adjust how far you want to carry it
    I was sad because I realized that the post broke off her earring so she only had one on. I dont know when it happened I found the charm in my bed. They break easily.
    They came and were a lot bigger than I expected. Almost returned them. I had a another pair that I gave to my father because he said "its something that works ill use em".

    I decided to try using them. I wear them, but they seem like they cut out TOO much light. It is sometimes hard to see through them depending on how much shade you are in driving. Also they are too big. I sometimes look at the glare through them and wonder how good of a job they are doing. 6/10 doing the job. I will keep them and continue to use them, but once I have the money to buy a new pair of Maui Jims, I am going back to QUALITY.

    Recommend them? If you need something cheap to get buy with because you can't do without sunglasses and the crappy ones from the grocery store are just too junky.
    Very cute. Broke incredibly fast. Two days maximum of wearing.
    As advertised, sleek and compact. On top of that, looks great too!