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  • Personalized dog & couple polyblend washable fabric cloth face mask for dog mom dad lover owner - Camping

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    canva custom logo

    Polyblend reusable fabric face mask. Made with moisture-wicking material that is soft, cozy, and breathable. The outer layer is specifically designed for printing fabulous photo-quality artwork. Features soft stretch ear straps with elastic construction for an adjustable snug fit. Machine washable. 

    * 100% printed in the USA!

    * Worldwide shipping

    * Specifications:

    • Outer layer: Polyester Shell Prevents Droplets.
    • Middle & inside layer: 95% cotton - 5% spandex.
    • Adjustable, one-size-fits-all.

    * Care:

    • Do not iron at high temperatures.
    • Hang to dry.
    • Do not use detergent with bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Wash before use.

    * There are more than 100 dog breeds you can choose.

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      Love these pants! They fit exactly as I expected them to fit. Not too tight, but not too baggy either. Just that nice, fitted look. I'm a woman and I really liked the look of these pants. I am leaving to London for a dance event and these will be very comfortable to wear on the plane as well as possibly on one of the days of the event. It's always good to wear something you can move around in and be comfortable when going to dance events. They do have a chemical smell, but I plan to allow them to air out overnight and then machine wash them in warm water with a good detergent like Gain Febreze or Tide with Febreze.

      I should also mention that these are VERY warm once on. They feel great and I am confident they will also hold up during the winter months when that time comes. I do like the pockets; the pants come with three. 2 zip pockets on the front and one regular pocket on the back. The drawstring is also handy in case the pants are slightly too large then you can adjust without issue.

      Over all, the pants are very comfy, they arrived with 0 damage or tears, and they are so cozy and comfy that I felt tempted to sleep in them. Which I will when I'm on that plane. That's the plan.
      These earrings are reasonably priced with good craftsmanship and nice sparkly stones. They are the perfect size for my 6 years old.
      This hat fits perfectly for me. I have found that regular size hats are a bit tight, but this one is just right. I do landscaping in the South Carolina sun, and this hat is a necessity for me. It makes it feel 10-15 degrees cooler out, helps protect from sunburn, and is excellent at wicking away sweat. You get what you pay for.
      UPDATE: July 2019. I love these jocks. I have many of them that I have purchased over the years from Amazon. I wear them every day instead of traditional underwear. TIP: Don't recommend putting these in the dryer. Let these air dry and they will last for many years. Some of ones pictured are 3- years old (purchased in 2016) . Schwing!

      UPDATE: I have now purchase three packs of these cotton jock straps. Absolutely the best. They have been washed many times and have not self destructed like most cotton/elastic blend jock straps. Previously, I used the Bike brand swimmer's jock strap. The did not last long. and I was tired of having to hand wash them. One helpful hint on these Papi jocks -- don't put them in the dryer. Just lay them out and let them air drive. I have now switched from underwear to these Papi cotton jock straps. Wow!

      These cotton jock straps are awesome. Not only do I use them for working out, but I wear them instead of underwear now. Talk about freedom! It's the closest thing to wearing nothing at all. The jock is super soft against my junk and gives me very comfortable support. I'm a 32" waist and the medium is a perfect fit. Definitely gonna buy another 3-pack. Woo baby! You got to gives these a try!
      Gift for granddaughter. Looks great.
      Great designer look, lightweight and comfortable! My husband looks very handsome in these!
      The material is somewhat thin compared to other fleece pants, but is otherwise comfortable. Also slightly baggy and shapeless in the groin area, but for the price it can't be beat.
      They are great
      You can adjust it so no worries if it doesn't fit. Came in a plastic bag and everthing was good.
      there was a big green stitch line running down the side of the last letter on the hat "A" QC should have kicked it back so i gave it a 3 star.
      They were perfect
      Things are surprising clear and bright with these glasses. Cant say I read greens any better, but these lenses definitely work for golf.
      Love this wallet. Perfect size for travel ! Plus ID pocket on outside is super convenient.
      Absolutely LOVE these running socks.
      Was disappointed to see the logos coming off straigh from the bag. Not to shocked for the price but still raggedy.
      Its bigger than how the picture seemed:/
      length a little long
      My husband likes these, the band is soft.
      overall good buy
      Bought these for my son. Great fit, good price, great product.
      The build quality of the shirt is very nice. Its not a thin or cheap. Its got some beef to it.
      Have 9 cards plus an ID in this minimalist wallet, have it for a few months now, still no signs of it stripping, tearing or color fading, I have no regrets buying this.
      I've bought these socks in the past & they were only $7 for 6 pairs. They were also sized as Medium (covered about 3 shoe sizes, which is normal ~ 9-11). I bought these because they were from the same vendor & were advertised as the exact same socks (by them & Amazon) as I purchased before. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!! The socks are HUGE!! They cover 6 shoe sizes (6-12)!!! They are nearly three times more expensive, but I actually thought I was getting 4 (6 packs), because the description states "Order Multiple: Four 6-packs," they are also very thin material, & the cuffs are different. I am returning them for a complete refund!!! I'm so unhappy with these socks and their poor quality, that I actually prefer to buy some cheap FotL from Walmart to these imposters!
      He loves it. Also there's a springy thin in the middle that goes FAH DUHDUHDUHDUH. FAH DUHDUHDUHDUH.
      Like the door stopppers you play with as a kid and your mom screams at you...
      Moms not here now.
      I like the 2 wide mouth zipper compartments
      I was impressed with the quality. I loved that I could find a cotton bow tie and not have to get a satin one.
      LOVE these earrings....very very pretty and the price is great.... won't see it on everyone.
      Nice! The fabric feels thick and durable. I like the pockets however I wish the front outside pockets were a little bit bigger. the one with the snap, I'd like to put my phone in and it just barely fits. However I do have a big phone. I got it so I'd have a lightweight purse that would repeal rain and it works great for that. It holds a lot, I carry a lot of stuff around. The strap is wide and feels nice and durable. Stands up when full. I hate when fabric purses fall over.
      What a great piece of jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!ésistant-classique-Décontracté-Fermeture